Ben's 3 tips to tackle Christmas

By Ben Nowlan on 21st November 2018

After Finlay's awesome video on the importance of using the 'Teach, Tailor & Take Control' method in sales. 

Ben's back with a vengeance and an agenda to tackle Christmas.

The sound of sleigh bells are certainly ringing in the air reminding us to pull our socks up and get ready to SLEIGH the upcoming festive season. A bunch of us got together at our HQ last night at our SME workshop to do just that! It was an awesome night but if you missed out, don't worry. Ben's got some tips on how you can tackle Christmas head on and thrive. 

3 easy tips to tick off today:

1) Look at your best sellers from last year and make sure your inventory levels are up.

2) Look at how you're preparing for your delivery proposition for Christmas. With more orders and busy carriers, think about how you can plan for the best possible experience for your customer.

3) Communicate and tap into Christmas and festive season in your content to make sure you build a presence around your offering is this season and help your customer choose you.

Watch it for yourself here or read the transcript below.


Hi and welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday, it's good to be back. Thank you firstly to Finlay who came in as our guest speaker to talk last week about best practice sales technique, teaching you how to take control.

You'll be seeing a lot more of Finlay Mure, but also we'll be seeing a guest appearance from On The Dot CEO Santosh coming in the upcoming weeks, talking about the pharmacy, the home space. A big vertical for On The Dot and a growing space in the UK delivery market.

Today I'm simply going to talk about with you guys the Christmas rush and the build up to Christmas, one of the most important times of the year for all retailers. And how important it is to get ready for Christmas, and get ready from a delivery perspective, and get ready overall for your business.

So, here's a couple of quick tips.

1) Have a look as last year's bestsellers. Have a look at some of the pinch points around your inventory, and make sure you've got good inventory availability, full inventory awareness. And so you are able to give your customers what they want.

2) Look at how you're preparing for your delivery proposition over Christmas, because delivery comes with constraints. All goods carriers are busy, more customer orders are coming through. So you want to make sure you're planning for that type of experience for your customer. Giving the message and communication that when they should have certain products bought by to have them delivered by. And of course, relying on a same day carrier, like On The Dot, could make sure your customer experience is consistent, and gives them what they want when we're coming to a pretty exceptional time of the year.

3) And I think the most important, the third thing around Christmas is to communicate with your customers what you're about over Christmas. Communicate Christmas and the festive season, give them some content. Talk about what some of the specials you're running are. Get some campaigns out there, and build a little bit of presence about what you're doing to make your customers Christmas a special time of year.

I hope these three quick very simple tips give you some thought process about how you can make Christmas a bang on time of year for your business.

Thanks for listening today, and we'll speak soon.

Want to revisit Finlay's video? Check it out here.

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