How to save the day with our same day delivery service (step-by-step)

By On the dot on 14th March 2019

Think of same day delivery as your superpower. Those flowers you arrange today will be a birthday surprise this afternoon; the earrings you got back in stock will be worn tonight; the food you prepared will arrive just in time for the dinner party.

Going from your store to their door in less than two hours is like magic.

That’s why with On the dot’s seamless booking platform, your business could save the day, multiple times a day.

In three easy steps, harness your delivery superpower and book a same day courier for your customers. It’s quick and easy for you and a lifesaver for them.

Simply follow our step-by-step guide below and you’ll be making same day deliveries in no time.

1. Sign up in a flash

Creating an account with On the dot is free and takes less than 60 seconds. We’re not kidding.

All you have to do is visit our sign-up page, fill in your personal details and verify your email address. 

Sign up page

Psst…No upfront, subscription costs or surge pricing.

Once you verify your email, you’ll then be prompted to add your company name, business sector and website. This is so our delivery service can best suit your needs (Don’t worry, you can update your company details at any time.).

2. Book a new delivery

To begin a new booking, simply enter the postcode of where the package will be picked up and the postcode of where it will be delivered by one of our reliable couriers. 

Book a new delivery

The full address will automatically pop up below the postcode –select the correct one. If you don’t see the one you want, you can always type the address in manually.

Now for the fun stuff: choosing when you would like your order delivered, which vehicle will work best for your delivery and whether your package needs additional insurance.

Depending on how urgent the delivery is, you may decide to have it collected and delivered within two or four hours. But what if you need to get it out sooner? Select the first available time slot.

Book a delivery

There are time slots listed throughout the day, up until an hour before your store’s closing time. Even if you don’t need it delivered ASAP, you might go with one of these as they are the most flexible and convenient options.

Want to book your superhero delivery powers further in advance? You can do that, too. Just pick a one-hour time slot up to six days before your package needs to go out.

Now it’s time to choose how you’d like your goods to be transported: a cargo bike, motorbike or car?

Choose a vehicle

Once you’ve picked your carrier, based on the size of your delivery, you’ll notice the quote changes with the amount of carbon emissions produced. The more emissions given off, the higher the cost. Because we’re the green fleet delivery machine – we're serious about reducing our footprint on the planet.

Next up, insurance. As you’ll see, your package is automatically insured up to £1,000 for free. But if you’d like additional protection, you may increase coverage for a £12 flat fee.

Pick insurance

The last step, before confirming your booking, is to choose whether the order should be collected from you or delivered to you. The contact fields will then be auto filled under your selection (remember to fill in the other person’s contact info).

Complete delivery

Pro tip: save your collection and delivery addresses to make future bookings easier.

If you have special delivery instructions or a booking reference, include those on the pickup or destination forms. At this point, you can also decide who to send email and SMS delivery notifications to. Want a third party to track the delivery? Just input their contact details at the bottom of the page.

Now all that’s left to successfully complete your booking is to confirm your delivery and provide your payment details.

Payment detailsFor a speedier checkout next time, remember to save your card details.

 And abracadabra, your delivery is ready to hit the road!

Confirmation page

Reminder: On the dot will send you email and SMS notifications if you opted in for status updates.


3. Track your delivery 

After booking your same day courier and feeling like a superhero already, you’ll be able to see all your delivery details and track your driver from the confirmation page.

You can also see a snapshot of your delivery, along with any past or future bookings, by visiting the ‘My deliveries’ tab on the left-hand sidebar. It’s easy to filter bookings, too, by date, postcode, booking status or delivery ID. Because we want you to stay as organised as possible when lots of orders are going out. 

My deliveries page

Another feature we think you’ll love is the heart icon next to your deliveries. Click the heart to save a delivery as a Favourite booking so you can easily keep tabs on your most important bookings. This will allow you to filter your Favourite bookings, too, by clicking the heart on the top row.

On the left-hand sidebar, you’ll find a few more superpowers that’ll make same day deliveries a piece of cake. Not to mention the 76% of shoppers who want same day delivery – they’ll love your extraordinary shipping powers, too.

Under ‘My addresses’, you’ll see your saved addresses (collection and delivery points) as well as be able to add new ones for future bookings. So you can be as fast as Flash next time.

My addresses page

Looking for someone? Search your address book by postcode or contact name.

Finally, to stay on top of all your deliveries and zap any same day courier fears, visit the ‘My statements’ section to download a CSV file of your deliveries by month. Your very own organised record of every delivery at the click of a button. Victory!

Monthly statement example

Time to save the day

Whether you’re an independent retailer, local dry cleaning service or national consumer brand, booking a same day courier has never been easier.

Because as this step-by-step guide has shown, On the dot provides all the shipping powers you need to make deliveries fast and your customers happy:

  • Set up your account in less than 60 seconds
  • Book a delivery now or schedule it up to 6 days in advance
  • Real-time map tracking from store to door & live email and SMS notifications
  • No upfront, subscription costs or surge pricing. Pay per delivery, that’s it!
  • Large, agile fleet with a range of cargo bikes, vans & scooters

Ready to save the day? 

Get started here or email us at

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