Why pharmacies also need to respond to changing delivery expectations

Whiteboard Wednesday
Santosh Sahu

We've done some research that found pharmacies average 11 hours per week doing deliveries. That's almost 15k a year! In today's Whiteboard Wednesday.

Our CEO Santosh Sahu talks about how pharmacies and adapt to changing delivery expectations and thrive.

Watch the video or read the transcript below to find out more.

Welcome everybody to one more whiteboard session at On The Dot. Normally, you hear from our sales and marketing team, talking about retail, e-commerce, deliveries, and SMEs.

Today, I am Santosh Sahu, CEO of On The Dot, talking about pharmacies and how On The Dot is helping pharmacies deliver fast and precise deliveries.

So, pharmacies, we have done research recently that 11 hours per week is spent doing deliveries. That's equal to £15,000 per year. What digitization and Amazon did with the high street retail, it's started happening with pharmacies.

So, pharmacies have to adapt to digitization; to increase sales & reduce costs. Ultimately, all of these things help increase patient experience.

So, I urge pharmacies, to analyze your delivery costs, adapt digital channels, increase patient experience, and start selling more than prescriptions, what is available in your stores, through digital channels.

Click to to take a look at why pharmacies also need to adapt to changing delivery models.

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