3 reasons same day delivery is great for your business

By Sukie Thomson on 22nd February 2019

Shoot, it’s mum’s birthday and you forgot to get her something. You start to panic but then think: flowers and cake, same day delivery – boom, crisis averted.

phew same day delivery problem solved

Although this year you wanted to do something extra special, so you decide to cook one of her favourite meals for dinner. You figure since Waitrose Rapid delivery will drop off the groceries after work (by yours truly, On the dot), you might even have time to bake a cake!

And the greatest part? No braving the post-work rush at Waitrose or lugging groceries home.

sly dog no braving queues

Your thoughtfulness will blow your mum away but deep down, we know who the real winner is – same day delivery.

Because even if you didn’t feel like cooking, you could always get flowers, a cake or that necklace she liked delivered to her door – all good options that any florist, baker or retail store should be able to help with.  

In fact, businesses large and small should be offering same day delivery as it attracts a lot more business than last-minute birthday buys.

To show you what we mean, here are three major reasons why same day delivery is so important for your business.

 abandon cart

1. Convenience is King 

Shoppers across the board, especially millennials, value convenience and immediacy when making their next purchase. With smartphones never far out of reach, customers can connect to the outside world in an instant and expect their shopping experience to be the same: quick and convenient.

In fact, nearly half of all UK shoppers want same day delivery and 54% say they will abandon their cart if a convenient delivery option isn’t offered.

This rings true for Gen Z, which is set to outnumber millennials this year, and Baby Boomers, who shop more regularly on Amazon than Gen Z and millennials.

These generations are all looking for seamless shopping experiences that include speedy, convenient shipping solutions. That’s why same day delivery is the perfect way to meet your customer’s convenience needs and stay ahead in today’s on demand economy.

 same day delivery repeat loyalty

2. More Sales

Your customer is ready to check out, but first scans the delivery options as she needs the dress pronto, for a wedding this weekend. 

She automatically selects same day delivery and even decides to add in that purse to complete the outfit. Might as well, it’ll save me another shopping trip.

When her package arrives later that day and solves the wedding dress dilemma, she makes a mental note to use them again for that summer gala she has coming up – a win for you and her.

The best thing is that we know how to recreate this shopping scenario over and over again – same day delivery. How do we know? Because studies have found that a shopper’s average basket value goes up 44% when same day delivery is offered and that customers are not only more apt to make a purchase with better shipping options, but they’re also more likely to return knowing that same day delivery is available.

The favourable outcomes of same day delivery really come down to two things: convenience and accessibility. By making it easier for shoppers to benefit from your service, you are making their customer journey more seamless. Which essentially means less friction and more business.

 same day delivery customer experience

3. An Enhanced Customer Experience

Whether same day delivery equates to convenience, more shipping choice, speed or instant gratification, it’s a powerful way to show your customers that you care about their needs and overall experience, especially after they hit ‘Place Order.’  

The post-checkout phase is so important that 70% of UK consumers say they will shop with you again if they have a positive shipping experience.

By providing this high level of service to your customers – direct, quick and smooth – you’ll not only be meeting their delivery needs, but also giving them a worthwhile reason to keep coming back.

Not sure where to start?

It’s simple to offer same day delivery to your customers. You can either schedule deliveries manually through our site or integrate On the dot into your platform with our API.

For more info, email us at salesteam@onthedot.com.

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3 reasons same day delivery is great for your business

Shoot, it’s mum’s birthday and you forgot to get her something. You start to panic but then think: flowers and cake, same day delivery – boom, crisis averted.

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