Mattock Lane Pharmacy: Growing resources and building customer trust

By Graham Smith on 18th April 2019

Mattock Lane Pharmacy has been providing expert healthcare and advice to their local community for over 30 years.

Since opening their doors in Ealing, West London in 1986, Mattock Lane Pharmacy’s top priority has been giving customers the highest quality of care in a convenient, hassle-free way.

In addition to their comprehensive line of in-store services, they fill electronic prescriptions, have an online doctor and offer home delivery to their customers.

A customer-first ethos

Always putting the needs of their community first, Mattock Lane Pharmacy is constantly working to improve their customers’ experience. This applies to every aspect of business from treating patients at the pharmacy to delivering prescriptions to their home.

As delivery needs grew, however, and more in-house resources were being allocated to coordinating pickups and drop-offs, they reassessed the pharmacy’s workflow and how it fit into the customer journey as a whole.

Ultimately, they decided the best way to continue providing a high standard of service to their community was to free up internal resources and outsource home deliveries.

Mattock Lane Pharmacy and courier partnership

Joanna from Mattock Lane Pharmacy with Linda our courier.

Path to partnership 

One year ago, Mattock Lane Pharmacy partnered with On the dot to streamline their same day delivery service and make it easier for customers to receive prescriptions at home.

Since then, their in-house resources have been freed up, giving them more time to focus on what they do best: offering exemplary healthcare and medical advice.

By teaming up with On the dot, Mattock Lane Pharmacy is able to make several hundred deliveries a month while saving time and money in the process.

In one year, that has equated to £6,000 in savings and on average, 11 extra hours per week given back to members of staff.

The best part? Sharing the same customer-first ethos as On the dot and building stronger community bonds based on empathy and trust.

In-house delivery challenges

When Mattock Lane Pharmacy was managing deliveries in-house, a lot of time and resources were spent prepping, scheduling, coordinating and confirming that the medicine had made its way safely into their customer’s hands.

Logistically speaking, the process was cumbersome and didn’t always end in success.

The pharmacy had to recruit drivers for the job who ideally knew the neighbourhood and were experienced in making deliveries.  

If a driver was sick or had time off, the pharmacy would have to cover the shift themselves. Sometimes that meant running the risk of not delivering prescriptions on time or at the customer’s convenience.

On the technical side of things, the pharmacy and patient expecting the prescription did not have a way to seamlessly track the delivery from store to door. Updates would go from the driver to the pharmacy to the customer.  

During peak delivery periods and with a growing number of requests, the drawbacks of handling everything in-house soon became clear to Mattock Lane Pharmacy.

Same day delivery solution

Although Mattock Lane Pharmacy was able to make it work as part of their business model, it prevented them from devoting all resources to what matters most – their patients.

Once they joined forces with On the dot, resources were freed up so they could focus more solely on offering high quality service and care.

Here’s how Mattock Lane Pharmacy is growing and enhancing their business with On the dot’s same day delivery solution:

Enriching customer relationships

Making sure Mattock Lane Pharmacy’s prescriptions are safely delivered at their customer’s convenience is On the dot’s number one priority.

On the dot uses drivers who know the neighbourhood well and also how important it is for patients to receive their medicine in a timely manner.

This expertise, combined with our built-in GPS tracking system, means customers can trust their prescriptions will arrive on time and in good hands.

Saving time and money

Over the past year, Mattock Lane Pharmacy has saved £6,000 and roughly 11 hours of work per week by joining forces with On the dot.

While completing several hundred deliveries a month, the pharmacy staff now has time to expand their comprehensive healthcare offerings. They have more time to support their Care Home service, administer health checks, travel vaccinations and more.

Making secure and streamlined deliveries

Using smart tech to mitigate potential security risks and GPS tracking to keep Mattock Lane Pharmacy and its customers updated at each step, On the dot’s delivery process is safe and efficient.

From the pharmacist’s hands to the patient’s home, every prescription is handled with the upmost care.

Trailblazing, together

Mattock Lane Pharmacy continues to set the standard for exemplary care in its community – only now with a competitive edge.

Providing quick and convenient deliveries to their patients while expanding their line of healthcare? That gives them the power to save the day, every day.

On the dot couldn’t be happier that Mattock Lane Pharmacy is now a part of the family. Because together, we go further.

Interested in adding more value to your customer relationships with same day delivery? Get in touch with our pharmacy team here and we’ll show you how to set up same day deliveries for your business.

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Mattock Lane Pharmacy has been providing expert healthcare and advice to their local community for over 30 years.

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