Finlay's Sales Method

By Ben Nowlan on 7th November 2018

This week we have a special guest for Whiteboard Wednesday, Finlay Mure our Delivery Solutions Manager who will be sharing his secret sales tactic!

Watch or read the transcript below to learn how you can nail sales too.




Hi, it's Finlay here from On The Dot.

Very pleased to be doing my first Whiteboard Wednesday.

And a big shout out to Ben Nowlan for the introduction.

My topic today is on sales methodologies.

After spending about 12 years working in various different agencies and businesses around the UK, I've been exposed to a number of them throughout my time. One that I was taught here through Ben was one that's really resonated with me and one that I use everyday.

It can be summed up as teach, tailor, take control.

So what do I mean by that? When you enter into sales conversations of pitches with your prospects, don't try and sell. Think about what can you teach them, what can you share? What knowledge will help them improve their business, and how can you pass on anything that you've learned in your previous business.

So always think the first step is to teach the customer, teach the prospect, rather than I want to sell them something.

What's the next thing? The next thing is to tailor.

So once you've educated your customer and your prospect on your new subject, your new topic, anything to do with your industry, you could then start to tailor the conversation to be more relevant. And this will help the conversation flow and you'll get much more out of it than you would any other way. 

The last is take control. So once you've been able to teach your prospect or your sales leads, once you've then tailored the conversation, you'll then be able to take control and get the outputs that you want.

Being able to adopt this very simple and easy methodology allows you to raise the conversation, be much more strategic, and get the success that you want.

Thank you very much. Look forward to speaking to you next week. 

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