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Top 5 TERRIFYING stats for retailers

Whiteboard Wednesday
Ben Nowlan

Watch or read the transcript below to find the TOP FIVE terrifying stats retailers need to know this Halloween.

Hello and welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday. Today we've got our special Halloween edition, where we are going to have a little bit of fun. Today we have our top five terrifying stats for retailers.

1) Did you know that 98% of consumers say that their purchasing decisions is influenced by the shipping and returns options?

2) 76% of consumers says that the end delivery experience shows how much a company values them.

3) 54% of UK shoppers will abandon cart due to poor shipping options.

4) Did you know that 80% of consumers will be deterred from returning to an online retailer due to inconvenient returns policies?

5) What I think is one of the scariest of all, something we talk a lot about here, is the Amazon and AliBaba are forecast to own 40% of the global online retail market. Now, if you weren't already being kept up at night, these top five stats will surely be causing you do.

So, I hope you've enjoyed our Halloween edition today.

But before I go, we're going to have our very first special guest next week to our Whiteboard Wednesday series.

That is Finlay Mure, another one of the On the dot team here.

He's our delivery solutions manager, but also leading out our enterprise strategy. He'll be here to talk to you about all things great in the retail space, as we do every week. I hope you tune into him and give him a warm welcome.

Thank you for listening today, and have a great Halloween.

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